Anyone is able to join IDP.
IDP is the only platform to upskill you to a professional Distributor. IDP is the fastest growing and most reputable promotional product platform in Africa.
Yes we have a large buying power that affords IDP's to benefit from maximum discounts.
We have an admin department that handles converting customers across. They would handle all new vendor and tender documentation. We will provide you with the necessary documentation to convert your iDP customers.
Yes, as a iDP you will be able to use our BBB-EE certification.
IDP Distributors are only required to sell. We take care of all the timeous activities that keep you from selling and making more money.
We will collect the money from the client and offer payment terms where applicable. We pay all suppliers and services providers. We have a finance department to assist with all accounting requirements.
We take care of all the logistics from QC, collating, packaging and deliveries.
Yes, we can redraw logos as well as designing brochures, catalogues and business cards.
Yes we have a full-stack website development and SEO department.
You get to join a world-class organization and get access to all the tools and networks to take you business to the next level.
Yes, you are able to service your customers nationally and internationally .
We take care of all the backend of running a business allowing you to do what you do best .... sell and therefore make more money.
None as we don't require you to close your existing business.
Yes we have an extensive on-boarding process that we use to train you thoroughly.
Yes, dramatically.
Yes, we have an imports department in SA and a QC office in China that will be able to assist with all Import orders.
No, it is not necessary as you are able to trade through IDP or your own business.
Yes, we have access to national and international courier services.

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